Monday, December 27, 2010

Regarding this latest debacle.....

Things have sunk to a sorry state here at THHOF and I for one am appalled. Client's hair being burned straight off their scalps, careers being destroyed by the undisciplined meanderings of staff! Illicit drugs being distributed! I don't know why the board hasn't taken steps to shut us down! Seems we need to reconnect with some of our basics, revisit the nuts and bolts of everyday salon life.

I perused our text book and found a few items I feel need reexamination. Remember that we are not only responsible for the hair of our clients, but also for other, less hirsute regions as well.

One must always maintain a, "Yes, I am too fabulous for you" attitude, not unlike the pose a sad queen might strike in a dark bar.

"In shingling, the blade of the shears is held parallel with the comb." 
Yet with shagging, the tool is rarely parallel.

There will be a lecture on bullas next week. Pustules to follow.

Anyone caught in the second or third stages will be stripped and used as a visual aid.

There will be a pop quiz.


  1. Thank you Norma.

    I think we all should remember that duty number one of the Hall Hall of Fame is to exault in breath taking hair. And that breath taking should be becausde the hair is astounding and magnificent, not simply because you are caught in a cloud of self-styling Adorn.

  2. December 27, 1936

    Please Be Advised,

    I for one am glad that someone has finally taken a stand. I am just so tired of the carousing I get involved with whilst chewing on the mints that I find in and around Donna's chair...
    Please, do not misunderstand, my curls are just as lovely now as the first time I first entrusted Mr. Cookie with my hair.
    However, now, no matter how tasty the mints, I am getting very tired of picking up my lovely curls off the ground in and around Gramercy...

    Thoughtfully engaged,
    Ms. Skeffington..
    44 Gramercy Pk. N.
    NY. NY.

  3. *passing the joint to Donna with one hand while receiving the Jim Beam bottle from her with the other*

    What're they all crabbin' about?

  4. Thankfully, I'm an expert in trichology.

  5. I hate it when I’m shampooing away and I feel macules and papules and whcals and tubercules under my massaging fingers.

    It’s a waste of time really,

    Please shampoo victims with Barbacide!

  6. people, has mj lost hair in patches lately?

  7. @norma MJ's busy at the "Family Clinic" right now.

    Mr. Professional Barber's lashes are yummy.

  8. I take umbrage at the word "illicit." Must I yet once again produce my prescriptions?! And if I had a decent shampoo boy, my station would be FIT FOR VISITORS!
    M8Y is right. Barbacide!