Sunday, September 19, 2010

Beautician MJ Returns


She is Mistress MJ and she wants a makeover, pronto.


  1. maybe this should read, WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS?

  2. Who would dare taint such beauty?...

  3. I wish I could send all of those "enforced perming" fans that have followed me since flickr days over to Mistress MJ for a solid rolling ...

  4. She is Mistress MJ and she wants a makeover, pronto.

    Have you considered ‘lesbian chic’?

    All right since it’s Monday and we’re closed and I don’t have any clients on the books and I have nothing better to do...I suggest an asymmetrical stacked perm with bangs in aubergine wrapped in a Biba head scarf like Rhoda. The palest shade of white foundation that Fashion Fair Cosmetics makes with loads of heavy smokey deep purple eye shadow rimming Kitty Ting Hao Winged Liquid Eyeliner™ in fuchsia or violet.

    Jungle red lips and nails.

    An open back beige silk chemise with plunging cowl neckline. Over top a Chinese jacket in a ‘lobster bisque’ gold thread embroidered watered silk accented in salmon with a three quarter sleeve and Mandarin collar. I’m seeing a long twirly Stevie Nicks prairie skirt made from ‘scrappy hearts’ quilting squares. Paired with high lace up witches boots in a six inch heel.

    Accessories: Large African bangles, dozens of beaded horse teeth necklaces, a black macramé shawl, electric blue velvet patterned tights, and a teeny tiny pocket book.

    “No need to thank me...the pleasure was all mine.”

  5. I'm taking the day off after what Ayem8y's put me through.