Friday, July 30, 2010

Bad Beauty Salon Signs!

In North Carolina - a friend sent.

Look no further - this is IT! San Fernando Valley.

The bars on the window really make this for me.

Delicious! Burbank, CA

Wilmington, NC. Dottie is "sentencing" a woman with a blow dryer!


  1. My hair's already did, but I really want to join the Pimpslap Religion!

  2. pimpslap religion? i think i did that at my bar mitzvah, metaphorically, of course.

  3. "My client's natural color and hair volume were depleted by that vile woman's misuse of of th perming solution's neutralizer!" Heard inside of Dottie's Beauty Court.

  4. I'm convinced the Vogue is a front for Mean Dirty Pirate's salon.

    The bars prevent his hostages of beauty from escaping.

  5. Hairicanes specialize in the Messy Look.

  6. I think that "Hairicaines" is kind of cruel, considering the location.

  7. @MJ - The Vague is indeed my beauty prison! All offenders are subjected to a patented automated $4.00 wash and wax procedure of which you know all to well since you made off with the technology and installed the equipment at your own Salon Oubliette.

    Jason and I co-own Hairicanes Salon but business is seasonal based on tropical conditions. Let me tell you there is nothing in this world like a Hurricane perm.

    Thank you Donna this is a most amusing post.

  8. Need I say that the Vague and Dottie's Beauty Court are both located in sketchy neighborhoods? Hopefully I will find the "Charm Beauty Salon" shot that I snapped - someone threw a rock through the window.